At-home and On-location Pet Photography Sessions Around West Michigan

Dog Beach

Grand Haven, West Olive or Muskegon
Pure joy! Whether it’s puppy’s first time in the water or your dog has been known to swim halfway to Chicago, let’s capture the experience at West Michigan’s most standout location. We will get dirty and wet, and your dog will be sleeping before you leave the parking lot!

Pine Trails

Gorgeous in any season, this spot features those warm, fall colors year-round, as well as stunning rows of pine trees. Get here early and walk your dog on the trails to burn off some extra energy! This is a great option when sessions have to be held in the middle of the day as the trees give us some shade.

Red Barn

Oh, this is a popular spot! However, it is now the location of a large dog park, so this is best for dogs who don’t have a high play drive and aren’t easily distracted by other dogs. Besides the rustic appeal of the red barn walls, there is a white silo in back and a small wildflower/grass field.

Downtown GR

Grand Rapids
So many options! If you’re after a bright pop of color, Calder Plaza or the Blue Bridge is your place. Or choose one of the mural walls on Division or Fulton. Have some fun in Rosa Parks Circle, or go modern in front of the GRAM. From brick alleyways to sparkly glass, a downtown session offers something for most tastes. If your dog has not been downtown before, though, take a few trips before our session to work out the nerves!

Pet-Friendly Park

Every time I shoot here I find something else to love. From tall grasses to open fields of green grass, giant pines to brilliant red maples, and even a few bridges, a creek and a merry go round. There is always room to spread out, making this spot perfect for dogs who like to be left alone. This location has the most variety, so this is a great go-to for anyone who wants a photo album with lots of variety.

Your Home

I’ll Come to You
Some of my favorite sessions are at the client’s home! Ideal for cats, shy dogs, toy breeds who get cold easily, and seniors/terminally ill. Your pet can relax, show me around to his favorite spots, and you can capture forever photos of all the things you’ll remember most about your pet. A few flower patches, some green grass, or bright windows are ideal to make this session work.

These are just a few of the more popular options, but I have lots of other recommendations if you have something else in mind.

Or make a recommendation of your own. I always love finding a beautiful new spot to play with dogs!


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Springer spaniels in a field of Michigan wildflowers

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