Meet the Grumpy Pups

Tyler, Lily & Georgia

It all started with Tyler, the original grumpy pup who inspired the name. Then came Lily, who amused us with her antics and endlessly pestered her big brother Ty. In 2012, we unexpectedly met Georgia, a beautiful Boxer who desperately needed a home. Life with three Boxers is crazy, fun and endlessly entertaining—and I wouldn’t have it any other way!


The truth is, only Tyler is a grumpy pup, but he has more than enough mopey mojo to go around. Don’t be fooled by his tough exterior, though. On the inside, Tyler is as soft and squishy as a marshmallow. He faithfully follows me to work each day to make sure my feet are warm, he runs to his mama every time he gets hurt, and he’s had the same stuffed hippo since he was a puppy. Nicknames include Grumps, Big Buddy, Old Man, Beast, Man Baby, Mama’s Boy and Chewy (short for Chewbaca).


Then there’s Lily, the Beauty to our Beast. Life hasn’t been the same since she arrived! Lily is just thrilled to be alive and wants to make the most of every moment. For the first year, many of those moments included random and expensive destruction of our house and yard. Now she is starting to understand some of the calmer joys in life, such as sleeping in front of the fireplace next to big brother Ty. Despite all her mischief, she makes us laugh every day and she can bring joy into every room—even as she’s simultaneously trashing it. Nicknames include Honey Badger, Silly Lily, Baby Girl, Big Girl, Lils, Wigglebutt and Here Comes Trouble.


Finally, Georgia. I kind of melt when she’s around. Which is always, because she doesn’t let me leave her sight! She was adopted from Harbor Humane Society, and I swear that she is grateful every day. I love how she kind of explodes in joy when you reach down to pet her, and no one gives better hugs than my girl. Georgia is small, thinks that food must be hoarded, and needs sweatshirts to stay warm in winter. But one look in her great big loving eyes and we were all goners! Her nicknames are Monkey, Jealousy, Gremlin and Stinks…which don’t sound very nice but they’re all quite fitting. (Read more about Georgia’s adoption and first year on the blog.)

As crazy as it is to have three Boxers, I can’t imagine life without Tyler, Lily and Georgia. I know they won’t stay in my life long enough, but whatever time they can give me will be appreciated. I’m thankful to have the photographs that will keep them with me forever.

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