Giving Back

Supporting Animal Rescue and Adoption through Photography

Grumpy Pups Pet Photography is proud to support animal rescue and fundraising organizations throughout Michigan.

Starting in December 2011, I began visiting Harbor Humane Society in West Olive, Mich., several times a month to photograph the adoptable pets. I had two goals: provide flattering, professional photos of the animals to Harbor Humane to freely use in their promotions and online pet listings; and to continue gaining experience shooting a wide variety of animals in some very challenging circumstances.

I have gained more than I expected from volunteering, but nothing is as uplifting as knowing that the photos I provide are helping pets connect with their new families. My approach with the adoption photos I take is no different than it would be with a client’s pet: each animal is unique and my photos need to reflect their beautiful personalities. I want to do away with the perception of caged shelter animals as deserving of abandonment because they were unlovable or untrainable. I spend the time with each animal to show them as the loving, funny and sensitive pets they want to—and can—be.

Holland Sentinel: Professional Portraits Help Boost Adoptions at Harbor Humane Society

Over the years I have expanded my volunteer activities and have regularly donated time and/or materials to the following organizations:

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Springer spaniels in a field of Michigan wildflowers

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