Many of you know that I fostered and then adopted the wonderful Georgia, a Boxer, from the Harbor Humane Society last fall. What I didn’t tell you is that she wasn’t my first choice to foster! I had already met Sweet Pea, a strikingly gorgeous Pit Bull who was full of affection and curiosity. She reminded me so much of my Lily with her youthful energy and love of play that I felt like I already knew her, and that I would be able to give her a really good, stable home, if only for a little while.

grey pit bull shelter dog grumpy pups pet photography

Sweet Pea as a puppy, summer 2012

But what I really couldn’t get out of my mind were her eyes. They were like grey jewels, and on that day we met at Harbor Humane, she sat nicely and let me take photo after photo of her adorable face. I visited her several times after that just to give her some much-needed love, even though my photo assignment list was several pages long.

gray pitbull shelter dog grumpy pups pet photography

Sweet Pea as a puppy, summer 2012

I was still in the process of convincing my family that we should be fosters when I found out that Sweet Pea had been adopted. It’s always bittersweet to get attached to a dog and then know you’ll never see her again, but I was happy that this little puppy would have a chance at growing up in a home, and not in a kennel.

That was last summer.

This week, as I walked down the rows looking for animals to photograph, I saw a “Sweet Pea” tag on the kennel door and immediately thought of “my” little pittie puppy. The dog inside certainly resembled the Sweet Pea I knew, but there are so many gorgeous grey Pit Bulls that I didn’t think much more about it. As we played, however, I just had this sense that I knew this dog. The only problem was that she was so full of pent-up energy that I really couldn’t get her attention, and finally just let her race around the run until she wore herself out. Only when she sat for some pictures did I really see her eyes, and I became convinced that somehow my darling girl had found her way back to the shelter.

gray pit bull shelter grumpy pups pet photography

Sweet Pea today

As it turns out, Sweet Pea was adopted–and then allowed to wander away as a stray. Her family was contacted but never came to pick her up. Her whole life now has been a cycle of abandonment and broken trust. It breaks my heart because she deserves so much better.

Sweet Pea today is different than I remember. I’m pretty sure she could run for three days straight just to get all her pent-up energy out. That’s certainly not her fault, though. If she had a good home where she received regular exercise, a loving hand to teach her the rules, and a constant family to call her own, I truly believe she would be one of the great loves of someone’s life.

She will take a little work, but I know there are people out there who will trade a little work for the satisfaction of knowing a good dog finally has the loving, stable home she deserves. If you or someone you know would like to meet Sweet Pea, contact Harbor Humane today and ask for the gorgeous grey pittie!

grey pit bull running, shelter pet photography, grumpy pups pet photography

Sweet Pea today, looking for another chance

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