Oh boy, have I been asked this question a lot lately! It’s a fair question. While pet photography is a growing trend nationally, it’s a relatively new concept to Grand Rapids and the lakeshore. Sure, we take photos of our newborns, kids, seniors, engagement parties and wedding days, but…the dog?

Yes, the dog! And the cat, horse, bunny, bird or any other animal that is part of your family, part of your history, part of your heart.

Whether you hire a professional or do it yourself, capturing real and tender portraits of your pets creates keepsakes for a lifetime. These four-legged members of the family come into our lives, change our priorities and leave an imprint that will never be forgotten. Don’t they deserve to have their beauty, grace, silliness and unconditional love chronicled for years to come?

Nelson getting pet by owner, grumpy pups pet photography

As a career, I couldn’t ask for a better fit than pet photography. Those who know me from my “day job” identify me as a website consultant, writer and project manager for large hospitals and health care organizations. I can understand that the addition of pet photography is a bit unexpected. But every aspect of this work is a pleasure to me: the mastery of a digital camera and photo editing software speaks to my technical side; the drive to capture and produce only the finest quality prints fulfills my inner perfectionist; and the fun of running, playing and laughing with animals while I’m at work is a blessing I know I’m fortunate to have.

(Okay, some days have less running and playing than others. As I write this, my two Boxers, Tyler and Lily, are lying at my feet—which is the best way to write anything.)

sleeping Boxers on a red blanket, grumpy pups pet photography

What does pet photography mean to you? Do you love your puppy’s gorgeous features and want to display them on the family room wall for all to see? Do you carry regret over a beloved childhood pet that was never photographed and is now fading from memory? Are you realizing your cat is creeping up in age and your remaining time together is short? Or are you simply looking for a unique gift idea that hasn’t been thought of by everyone else? For all those reasons and more, pet photography is a fun, emotional and adorable way to document our most loving and loyal companions.

Give it a try and I think you’ll find what attracted me to pet photography. Scheduling a session is easy, although spaces are limited (so book now!). Follow Grumpy Pups on facebook for more great reasons to fall in love. At the very least, you’ll get access to plenty of adorable photos. They make a great afternoon pick-me-up on those days when you’re not lucky enough to have two furry friends at your feet!

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Springer spaniels in a field of Michigan wildflowers

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